Lead Like Jesus: Leadership Starts on the Inside

Lead Like Jesus:Leadership and Integrity Part 2

January 25, 2022

Integrity starts at home and overflows to our workplace and other areas of our lives. In today's episode Rich and Freddie use the story of Eli as a lesson of how Eli's lack of integrity at home, with his own sons, cost him not only the lives of his children, but his position as the high priest.

Questions we'll explore:

• Am I faithful in small things both at work and at home? What are some of the “small” things I’ve been ignoring that are negatively impacting me personally, my home (spouse/children) and my workplace?

• Are there any unhealthy habits I’m cultivating that are breaking fellowship with my loved ones and with my co-workers?

• What small changes can I make at home and at work to cultivate integrity and build stronger relationships?

Next step resources:

- Biblical DISC Assessment

- Biblical EIQ Assessment

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