Karin Conlee: Discovering God’s purpose without the pressure

October 18, 2016

In today’s podcast Karin Conlee, author of Miss Perfect 9-week study for women, has a message for all women who constantly feel like they don’t measure up.

Karin, by all worldly standards, had it all together-good education, great circle of friends, great boyfriend and, to top it all, good looks. Life seemed to be going great, until one day she realized that her security and her success ladder were leaning against the wrong wall. Despite all the external factors, Karin found herself empty and lacking on the inside.

Today’s message is directed to all the women who constantly think that "If only I had (fill in the blanks)…my life would be great."

It’s a message for women who are leaning their significance and fulfillment ladders against the wrong wall, only to find it crumbling down.

It’s a message for women who need to understand that Jesus holds the key to their purpose, fulfillment and living a life of influence!


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