Dave Rae: Fulfilling your calling as a marketplace leader

March 7, 2017

Dave Rae was an executive with Apple from 1985-1992, serving as a President of Apple Canada growing their business from 88 million to 351 million. During his time at Apple Dave saw himself not just as a businessman, but rather as a minister of the Gospel and shared and lived out his faith openly, bringing others to Jesus.

At the peak of his career with Apple, Dave sensed God calling him out of the marketplace to use his gifts and organizational acumen to help faith-based organizations. Since than Dave served as a President of various global faith-based organizations. 

In today's podcast Dave helps us understand how those who have been called to serve in the marketplace have a unique opportunity to draw others to Jesus by the way they live a life of integrity, honesty, humility and gentleness. 


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